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Carpet and Floor Covering Market 2018

  • According to Floor Covering Weekly’s 2017 Statistical Report, US floor covering sales during 2016 totaled $24.47 billion, an increase of 4.4% from 2015. Industry revenues are expected to increase 3.5% to 4.5% per year through 2021.
  • Financial pressures on Millennials, including weak income gains, large student debt and restrictive mortgages during 2016 resulted in less residential revenue. Commercial business, however, boosted by strong profit gains, countered weak residential sales.
  • The hospitality, office and commercial markets increased at the fastest pace during 2016, but government spending was sluggish. The sales of more commercial than residential products increased the spending on hard flooring versus carpet and rugs.

US Floor Covering Manufacturing Sales and Share by Category, 2016

Category Sales % Change Share
Carpet & area rugs $11.53 B -0.2% 47.1%
Hardwood flooring $3.64 B +5.9% 14.9%
Ceramic floor & wall tile $3.28 B +6.3% 13.4%
Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) $1.87 B +33.0% 7.6%
Vinyl sheet & floor tile $1.52 B +6.4% 6.2%
Stone flooring $1.40 B +6.7% 5.7%
Laminate flooring $956 M +0.6% 3.9%
Other resilient (cork, rubber, linoleum, etc.) $290 M +5.5% 1.2%

Floor Covering Weekly, July 24, 2017 Issue

Carpets and Rugs Cover the Bases

  • Carpet and rugs lost market share to hard flooring during 2016, due to a 1.3% decrease in residential replacements; however, commercial sales in this segment increased 2.2%.
  • Carpet tile is a trend in commercial floor covering, and now accounts for 60% of commercial carpet sales.
  • Consumers increased their purchases of area rugs for their new hard flooring. Most area rugs are imported, and imports of carpet and rugs increased by 5.4% during 2016, mostly from China, India and Turkey.


Floor Covering Sales by Market and Source, 2016

Retail Floor Covering Sources Replacement Residential Builder Commercial Total
Floor covering stores $21.3 billion $2.1 billion $6.7 billion $30.1 billion
Home improvement stores $7.5 billion $1.0 billion $900 million $9.4 billion
Hard surface stores $3.1 billion $900 million $1.0 billion $5.0 billion
Internet, non-store $1.9 billion $100 million $2.0 billion
Other stores $2.7 billion $2.7 billion
Contractors $5.9 billion $7.9 billion $13.8 billion

MarketWise (Floor Covering Weekly), July 2017

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Indentations in Resilient Hard Surface Flooring

Resilient hard surface flooring in a variety of formats, be it tile, plank or sheet goods or types such as vinyl and rubber is an extraordinary product.  In this issue we’re going to focus on the types of vinyl and rubber flooring used in commercial applications primarily since these products are the most prolific in the market today.  The modular, or tile and plank materials – Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP), are used in almost every commercial market segment regardless of the type of space.  Sheet goods, those products that come on rolls, are specific to use in hospitals and facilities where modular, or products with seams or open edges, would trap biological substances that would be common in a healthcare setting.  Modular resilient flooring could and is used in these healthcare facilities but in spaces where biological contamination doesn’t occur.  

The issue of indentations from furniture, rolling loads and even foot wear, particularly spiked high heels, has been plaguing the industry and this complaint seems to be increasing.  Apartment complexes, especially those springing up in urban areas, almost exclusively use Luxury Vinyl Planks.  The conditions affecting these materials, relative to tenants of these spaces, are indentations caused by the weight of in place furniture sitting stationary or moved about, on the flooring.  In place means the furniture, be it a so-fa, chair, dresser or bed, sits in one place on the floor until the tenant moves out.  The spot where the furniture sat becomes permanently affected by the impression – indentation – of the furniture.   The next tenant moves in with different furniture and placement and is confronted with the obvious indentations left by the previous occupant of the apartment.  If the space has floor to ceiling windows, as many of these high rise complexes do, the light shining on the flooring exacerbates or magnifies the indentations.  By contrast, if carpet was in these apartments and got indented or crushed by furniture sitting on it, it would most likely relax out with time or the indentations could be steamed out, eliminating the unsightly indentation.  With vinyl flooring the compressive load of the furniture on the vinyl not only indents the material but will distend or stretch it, never to recover, becoming permanent in the floor.  Matters become worse if the flooring is installed over an underlayment that itself is not firm or supportive enough allowing for greater indentation. Add the heat of the sun to the mix, if in fact it shines directly onto the flooring at any time of the day when it is most intense, and the “softened” vinyl can indent even further.   None of this constitutes a defect in the material.  It is the nature of vinyl flooring to react this way and this must be understood.  The word resilient, which means resistant, pliable, elastic or flexible, as the flooring may be to a certain extent, but it does not mean the flooring will recover or “pop back” to its original shape. 

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